Mrs T

Mrs. Thistletwat

Mrs. Thistletwat, sometimes called Mrs. T, or Mrs. Butz, is a minor character from the musical Avenue Q.


Mrs. Thistletwat is a kindergarten teacher and Kate Monster's boss. She is only seen during two scenes. In her first scene, she calls Kate to say that she has to go to the hospital for a heart replacement surgery, so Kate has to teach a whole lesson all by herself. But Kate oversleeps, and is too late to teach the children. When Mrs. Thistletwat discovers this, she calls Kate again to fire her, but Kate quits before she can do so. After that, Mrs. Thistletwat is never seen again in the show.

Broadway PerformersEdit

Off-Broadway PerformersEdit

  • Maggie Lakis
  • Becca Ayers
  • Ruthie Ann Miles

West End PerformersEdit

  • Claire Foster
  • Rachel Jerram
  • Katharine Moraz

US Tours PerformersEdit

  • Minglie Chen (1st tour)
  • Kerri Bracken (2nd tour)