Rod is one of the main characters in the musical Avenue Q. He is an investment banker on Wall Street. He lives in the same apartment as Nicky. Rod is a closet homosexual, but at the end of the musical he comes out of the closet.


Broadway and Off-Broadway PortrayersEdit

  • Barrett Foa
  • Howie Michael Smith
  • Seth Rettberg
  • Rob McClure
  • Adam Kantor
  • Jeffrey David Sears
  • Darren Bluestone
  • Ben Durocher

West End PortrayersEdit

  • Jon Robyns
  • Daniel Boys
  • Paul Spicer
  • Adam Pettigrew
  • Sam Lupton
  • Tom Steedon


  • He is a parody of Bert from Sesame Street.
  • In July, 2011, the same day same-sex marriage was legalized in New York City, Rod and Ricky (handled by Howie Michael Smith and Jed Resnik, respectively) made history as the first same-sex puppet couple to wed. The ceremony was done at City Hall beneath a rainbow chuppah. Kate Monster (handled by Jennifer Barnhart) served as flower girl.


  • Well, I am not a closeted... homo-whatever!
  • Sweet suffering Jesus! Nicky AND Ricky?! Ooh, my cup runneth over!
  • (Referring to his gay "friend") He's an investment banker. . . and a Republican.
  • Number one: I apologize for being so hot-headed and difficult.