Rod is one of the main characters in the musical Avenue Q. He is an investment banker on Wall Street. He lives in the same apartment as Nicky. Rod is a closet homosexual, but at the end of the musical he comes out of the closet.


Broadway and Off-Broadway PortrayersEdit

  • Barrett Foa
  • Howie Michael Smith
  • Seth Rettberg
  • Rob McClure
  • Adam Kantor
  • Jeffrey David Sears
  • Darren Bluestone
  • Ben Durocher

West End PortrayersEdit

  • Jon Robyns
  • Daniel Boys
  • Paul Spicer
  • Adam Pettigrew
  • Sam Lupton
  • Tom Steedon


  • He is a parody of Bert from Sesame Street.
  • In July, 2011, the same day same-sex marriage was legalized in New York City, Rod and Ricky (handled by Howie Michael Smith and Jed Resnik, respectively) made history as the first same-sex puppet couple to wed. The ceremony was done at City Hall beneath a rainbow chuppah. Kate Monster (handled by Jennifer Barnhart) served as flower girl.
  • Despite the fact that Rod says that he is gay, he quotes Biblical scripture. The Bible expressly forbids homosexual activity, describing it as "indecent and perverse" in Romans 1, for example.


  • Well, I am not a closeted... homo-whatever!
  • Sweet suffering Jesus! Nicky AND Ricky?! Ooh, my cup runneth over!
  • (Referring to his gay "friend") He's an investment banker. . . and a Republican.
  • Number one: I apologize for being so hot-headed and difficult.