Schadenfreude is a song from the musical Avenue Q. (they pronounce it Sha-den-froi-duh)





List of Ways They Felt Schadenfreude Edit

  • Feeling happy at Nicky being down and out and sad.
  • Clapping when waitresses fall with trays of glasses.
  • Enjoying watching ice skaters fall.
  • Feeling warm/cozy watching people in the rain.
  • Watching vegetarians being told they ate chicken.
  • Watching frat boys realize what they inserted their penises into.
  • Refusing to hold the door in an elevator.
  • Straight A students getting B's.
  • Ex's getting S.T.D.'s
  • Waking napping doormen.
  • Watching tourists reading maps.
  • Football players getting tackled.
  • C.E.O's getting shackles.
  • Watching actors unable to finish their Oscar speeches.

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